About this site

This page is part of the Fall 2010 group study entitled “Zionism and anti-Zionism, history and politics of resistance and global solidarity with Palestine” at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. We will use this page to share our thoughts and analysis as we uncover the history of Zionism in relation to  Palestinian/Arab nationalism and resistance, European imperialism, gender and sexual oppression, and the current global solidarity movement with Palestine.

We will be progressively constructing this history based on our readings and discussions so as to serve as a foundational narrative of how the political situation became what it is today.

We would love for anyone to contribute to this project by commenting on our submissions and suggesting links to further information. I will also be posting most of our readings on this website so feel free to read them as well.

We are also hosting the web base for Hampshire Students for Justice in Palestine!


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