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About this site

This page is part of the Fall 2010 group study entitled “Zionism and anti-Zionism, history and politics of resistance and global solidarity with Palestine” at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. We will use this page to share our thoughts and analysis as we uncover the history of Zionism in relation to¬† Palestinian/Arab nationalism and resistance, European imperialism, gender and sexual oppression, and the current global solidarity movement with Palestine.

We will be progressively constructing this history based on our readings and discussions so as to serve as a foundational narrative of how the political situation became what it is today.

We would love for anyone to contribute to this project by commenting on our submissions and suggesting links to further information. I will also be posting most of our readings on this website so feel free to read them as well.

We are also hosting the web base for Hampshire Students for Justice in Palestine!


Found great reading list!

MERIP put together excellent reading list for many different issues on history/politics of Palestine:

(if you can’t access, email me)

Paradise Now screening

We just had a screening of Paradise Now and afterwards had a discussion about a little bit of the history and different forms of Palestinian resistance and the dire circumstances and violence of the occupation. It was so powerful.

For people who are still interested in seeing it, you can find all of it in 9 parts on youtube, or on Netflix if you have, or I even found the entire thing in one free link online once. Here are the articles I sent out to the EPEC to frame how we understand the political history and circumstances surrounding this moment that the film is about. Highly recommended reading:

Readings up!

I put up the first set of readings for next week so check them out under “Course Readings.” If you can’t access the PDFs, shoot me an email at

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